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Cover Story

Denver Art Museum
May 19 – September 22, 2013
Exhibition total
area: 4,500 sq. ft.
Checklist: 50 textile objects from the museum’s permanent collection


(From the exhibition website) Cover Story is the heart of the campus-wide exhibition Spun: Adventures in Textiles. Featured in the inaugural show for the new textile art galleries, the objects in Cover Story mirror the diverse geographical areas and range of textiles found in the Denver Art Museum’s permanent collection.

Cover Story explores the myriad ways that textiles envelop, embellish, and enrich human lives across centuries, continents, and cultures. Whether as warming layers that comfort us during sleep, decorative furnishings on our walls and floors that enhance our waking hours, or shields providing protection from the elements or evil spirits, textiles are present throughout all moments of our lives.

Organized by the Denver Art Museum as part of Spun: Adventures in Textiles.



Space planning for new gallery
Exhibition development
Exhibition design


All photographs courtesy of Denver Art Museum | Jeff Wells