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Money Museum

  Client: Federal Bank of Kansas City Project completed April 2014 Checklist: over 250 historic currency objects (including both paper notes and coins)   The Money Museum is made up of several informational and interactive displays on view to the public from within the lobby space at the Denver branch of the Federal Bank of Kansas City. Located on the 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver, the museum attracts about 50,000 visitors per year, many of whom are particularly interested in collecting currency. While the existing displays had been extremely popular with visitors, the Bank staff wanted to

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add another exhibit which would better show off their collection of historical currency,

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of which only a small portion had previously been on view. The challenge with the new display was to match the rest of the lobby in material and design, while coming up with a secure and organized way to show off the several hundred pieces of currency that were to be added. Our approach was to wrap each note of currency, some of which dates back to the 1770s, in an archival material which could then be adhered safely to the display panels without contributing to the degradation of the objects. This method also allows for the Bank staff in the future to easily rotate works in and out of the display as needed, while keeping the entire display intact. Working with local vendors to produce the background graphics and also replace the existing decorative panels with tempered glass, we oversaw the entire installation from the inventorying of the objects to finished exhibition.   Services:

Exhibition design Design of object mounts Management of subcontractors Fabrication and Installation

  All photographs taken with permission by the Money Museum at Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Denver Branch.