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Matisse & Friends: Selected Masterworks from the National Gallery of Art

  Denver Art Museum October 12, 2014February 8, 2015 Exhibit Space: 3,000 sq ft Checklist: 14 paintings   Matisse and Friends: Selected Masterworks from the National Gallery of Art showcased 14 paintings from the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., by artists Henri Matisse, André Derain, Albert Marquet, Maurice de Vlaminck, Raoul Dufy, Georges Braque, and Kees van Dongen. The exhibition’s setting drew inspiration from the richness of Matisse’s studio and the many varied kinds of objects and materials he surrounded himself with while working. A primary goal of this exhibit was to foster slow looking, encouraging visitors to spend time with the artwork. To do this we created a different kind of viewing experience where traditional gallery spaces are made more intimate through the deployment of area rugs, comfortable seating, furniture and objects that reinforced the character of the art. We reached out into

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the community to realize this installation, borrowing real hand loomed Persian and Afghan rugs from a local gallery and props from a theater company. Services: Exhibit development & design Historic and materials research Art direction   All photographs courtesy of Denver Art Museum | Jeff Wells