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EDP Graduate Critique, Winter 2011

ARTD 4375



Graduate Critique is a core component of the EDP (formerly eMAD) M.F.A. program. The purpose of this course is to provide a context for the discussion of ideas and theories that relate to your work, and to provide feedback and direction for your creative development. These critiques and related activities are designed to assist in the preparation and construction of individual studio exploration, development and, ultimately, a thesis project.


This course is predominantly discussion-based. You will talk about your and your peers’ work in an open, constructive, and critical format. In addition, you are expected to commit to intensive work outside of class on your own studio projects. It is this work that will constitute the subject and content of our discussions. Your active participation is absolutely essential to the successful completion of this course. No work leads to no discussion, which leads to a non-passing grade.

We will employ several different pedagogical strategies to aid in your progress. While I am open to modifying the format with your input, I submit the following:

•One-on-one Crits – I will meet with each of you individually to discuss your work. I would like to do this 2-4 times during the quarter.

•Group Crits – these will be in-class critiques/discussions among the six of us The focus will be on work-in-process, and will help serve as a check against your assumed operative modes, guiding concepts, methods, process(es) etc. You are expected to participate in discussing your peers’ work.

•Formal Presentation of Work – Each of you will make a formal presentation of your work to date to the class. This will include relevant documentation of past work, presentation/staging of projects where possible, some draft of an artist’s statement, and an audio/visual presentation of the people, ideas, and technologies that influence your work. Additionally, and in advance of your presentation, you will provide some key reading(s) to the class that are relevant to you and your work.

•Readings – I will occasionally provide you with texts that I feel are appropriate. Some of these will be given to all of you as a class, and some will be targeted to individuals. I ask that you read the texts closely enough to be conversant on them and form an opinion about them.

•Writing – You will be required to complete some short form writing assignments during the quarter. They will emphasize the synthesis of ideas, articulation of critical positions, and the clear explanation of process. Depending on where you are in the MFA program, you may also be required to develop an abstract and outline for a thesis.