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A Moment of Silence

A leaf trapped in a zoomed-in sea

Miles Alone (FULL)

Miles Alone (PARTS)

840000 milliseconds

Mass Production of White Things

Cosmic Web (I Lights 2019)

2.827 months

Rocks Interlude

How to make a tree grow forever?

iii. Living Phases 

ii.  Parallel Existence 

i.   Existence; Living and the Dead 

Children's Slumber Party Chant V.2 

Children's Slumber Party Chant V.1 

Space-in-between: Possible Worlds 

Biomimicry: System Reformulation

Parking Day 2016: Reminiscence of the Greens

HAG Chair Design Scandinavian

i.   Travel in Parallel Reality

ii.  Communicating with Decay

iii. Complaint's Pyramid

i.   Blink and Sneeze

ii.  Ant Tunnel

iii. Joints

iv.  Synergy

v.   A + B = 1 then 1 = n1, n2, n3... nth

vi.  Vivienne Westwood

Beyond horizontality & verticality:

Archaeology of complex contradiction


Flying Machine 


l'amour de père 

Chillin' under Banyan

Dali's Workspace

Past Works


Inside Everything, Everything Inside

look, that.

hear, that.


Research & Experimentations

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A Visual Arts and Spatial Design Enthusiast

Lim Yu Zhi (b.1996 Singapore)

Living in the human world, a civilised society; an assumed normalised life. Lim observes people, objects, sound, spaces, phenomena, processes, matter, nature, particles—whether non-living or living, conscious or unconscious, tangible or intangible.

There are times whereby Lim have very intimate dialogues and encounters with the 'other', and it is an important part of Lim's creative process. In the thought process of Lim's creations, she often uses the methodology of 'objectification' which here do not refers to the act of dehumanization, but referring to the literal act of transformation of something into an object or objects, that probably will be 'technologized', 'futurised', 'advanced', 'developed', and 'morphed'. It refers to the removal of the original function of things.

Lim's practice explores the possibility and potentiality of in-betweenness, within the boundaries of inner and outer of time and space of the entities living in the natural world and the human world. 

Lim is an aspiring artist and designer who takes on a multidisciplinary approach towards her creations in the form of spatial design and installation.





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