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Green Ashes Mountains, 2021

Green Coloured Paper(hole-punched), Wire Mesh, Coloured Transparencies

Dimensions Variable


If buildings were seen as breathing objects,

perhaps no mountains can live.

If buildings were seen as breathing objects, perhaps no mountains can live. So where do existing trees, leaves, and their land go when new infrastructures and skyscrapers are built? 'Green Ashes Mountains', derived as a conjecture of a fictional piece, features a parallel dimension between the actual cityscape we are living in at this moment and those that were long gone-sacrificed and forgotten. The forgotten will take the form of the structures that took over them, creating these mountain tombs of green ashes. This work reflects on the effects of advancing technology, in building and construction, wondering will it eventually take over control and smother the whole city. With taller infrastructures and skyscrapers, speculations made to believe the more technologically advanced it is; with the enhanced, strengthen, and improved materials to build. Then, does that suggest with more infrastructures, buildings, and skyscrapers built, the more it threatens and sacrifices the footing of the existing greens?


Puddle reflections reflect distorted reality into upside-down fantasy. Future evolution has trees that no longer grow leaves and have trunks and branches that reach out to the sun oddly and desperately in dislocating positions.


Ashes... the shades of green circular leaflets infesting the city by growing from within; kept in captivity forever, as they no longer fit into their natural habitat. Structures stand tall, beautifully designed, and rapidly build; like a mass of gigantic urns, readily prepared for the perished.

In time, this could become a memorial island! 






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