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Upon the discovery of this piece of land, lies these lonely mineral matters. They are the soil, stones, fallen leaves, grass, twigs, thick roots of those chunky trees and maybe the rough concrete pathway too. Beings called them “The Decays”.


And the founded piece of land? It was the home for The Decays.


Some were left there unintentionally.

“It’s empty there… it’s cold there…and it’s so quiet.”


The Decays get excited when beings like us stroll pass them. How The Decays wished each time a being walked pass, they could stop by to at least look at them, hold them and talk to them.

Asking The Decays, “What are you doing here?”

And each time, the more The Decays hold greater hope in, the more disappointment they get.

No one is there for them to lament to, as they can neither speak nor express their feelings to the beings.

Therefore, The Decays felt neglected.

It eventually became a routine. A routine for The Decays to decay.


Assumptions of The Decays from the beings, “Nonexistence…Objects…Non-living things.”


But, what if maybe, millions and millions of decades ago, The Decays were once able to communicate to beings verbally and physically?

However at least now, they are still.


The reason might be years and years of ignorance that kills their confidence of communicating.

They were defeated by confidence.

They lost interest. They all went mute.


Trapped in the middle of the Tiong Bahru triangle, The Decays were surrounded by three busy roads.

Isolating from the others of the same species.

These roads run 24 hours daily for automobiles. The distractions from the bustling roads took over in all directions.

The honks and trembles became the alarm that rings from day to night randomly, awaking The Decays. Carbon monoxides in the atmosphere are unbreathable that chokes up the respiratory system of the Decays.

The Decays looked up. All they could see are tiny bits of openings and pieces of oval-shaped corn flakes swaying together from left to right to left and back to right again. And sometimes, this cornflakes falls down from up there to console the decays. This cycle repeats as wind blows along.

Though the Decays can hardly see the blue skies, but when it comes to pouring days, those corn flakes are the shelter for them.


Today, The Decays still believe that they are able to communicate with the beings.

Just that, we are unable to hear to them with our naked ears.


Thus, a human created a vehicle for beings to be able to listen to what The Decays want to say.

Experiencing the uncommon type of communication.

This vehicle is able to take a handful of us.

When the capacity gets full, this vehicle moves – unrushed, then astonish happenings formed.

The structure space goes like this…



Wheels roll on the surface of The Decays,

The Decays then cry out in pain.

Collecting sounds and vibrations as it rolls over,

To hear them complaint.

The vibrations are transferred to the wooden rods,

Then to the water hose,

Sending vibrations through the surrounding,

Shaking up the entire space.

Then it goes, Bellow…Bellow…and Bellow…

That’s what The Decays want us to know.



Laments of the Decays speak, as the wheels roll over that ground surface. The wheels, convey the Decay’s message to the base rod by vibrations. The circling hollow hose that slot the rods carries the vibrations inside. While vibrations bounce against the inner surface, it converts to sound of the bellowing unconsciously.

Then quietly we listen, feel and observe them.


Private messages, The Decays send to us.

Not in words, not in sentences.

Not even in alphabetical or any other languages.

All you have heard may just be bellows.

But each of this private messages carries each and every single Decay’s emotions.

Their emotions can change a life, change an environment, change a future, and change a being’s decision.


They might not be as responsive as beings.

After all, they were referred as “LIFELESS” to us.  


It may takes up days, weeks and months of your time to question yourself,

“Will they ever answer back?”

Patience…Patience... is the only answer you can get.

No doubt, humans will probably be unsure of, “what are we listening to?”


As beings continue walking,


Visions, just shut them down temporary.

Now, with no sight but sound from the Decays,

What do we feel?

Are they loud or are they soft?

Are they excited or are they depressed?

Can you hear beyond the bellows?

I guess not.


Continue walking.


Slowly, open your eyes.

Disregard the glares of the beings on the pathways and in the cars.

And observe the decays.

Do you notice something?

The Decays are communicating with you.






5 Rendered Images

A Thousand Words

An architectural story-telling on a site in Tiong Bahru, which resembles the "Bermuda Triangle", thus the "Tiong Bahru Triangle". 





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